Ready To Help

Our Members are ready to help to every trekker during the Trek. When any one comes for trekking with us we give advice, suggestions to fellow trekkers, so that they get habit to help each other during the trek.

Small Groups

We take small ground during the trek and expedition. This gives us chance to give attention to all trekkers. This also establish good relations with fellow trekkers.

Trekkers Safety

Safety is the first priority during the trek. We always carry first aid kit during the trek. We keep safety of trekker thats why we take small group of trekkers , which makes us easy to attend all the members.

All Weather Treks.

We at SAAD have all weather treks. We trek all around the year.  In summer we have treks ranging from J&K to Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh. In Winter we have Great Chaddar Trek. In Rainy season we roam around our Mighty Sahyadri.

Experienced Group Leaders

We ave very experienced Trekkers as group leader. Mostly we make group leader who has experience of Trekking, whoever leads the group, is always Certified and done Basic, Advance, MOI Course and First Aid Course.  This gives us advantage as group leader is well experienced to handle groups during trek.

3 Decades of Experience

Our group members are highly experienced. Some of our group members have made history by climbing peaks. We have scaled technical peaks, and have ventured into many unknown areas.

Our Achievement


                                                        Planning A Trek

Proper Planning plays important role in everyone's life. If things are not planned properly then it can mess every. Same is with trekking. If the treks are not planned properly then it can create lot of problem.
Thus to plan a trek we need to keep in mind few things which are very important.

  1. Plan your trek.
  2. Plan itinerary.
  3. Think about your budget.
  4. Think about how many days you wish to go for trek.
  5. Check for proper group/organization and their reputation. Read comments and experiences of fellow trekkers.
  6. Plan your travel itinerary to reach the starting point.
  7. Check for you fitness.
    Thus looking into above points, we can be your best choice. We have 3 decades of experience in trekking. Our group leaders are well trained. They are always ready to listen and suggest you and guide you during the trek.

    We can provide you with wide range of treks, which we have done already. Thus if you wish to join us please fill free to contact us and we are always ready to guide you to best trek.

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Everest Base Camp Trek

This is World Famous Trek in Nepal. Every year thousand of trekkers goes to this trek. We also arrange this trek. We have already done this trek 5 times. This trek was completed by 65yrs old person and 8 yrs old Young boy.

Everest Base Camp Via Gyako Re

There are multiple ways to reach Everest Base Camp. This is another which is off bit route to reach base camp. This is a bit tougher as compared to regular route to Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp With Kalapathar

This another part of Everest Base Camp. After climbing this small Peak named Kalapathar give massive panorama of might Everest. There is no other great feeling for any trekker to get such massive looks of Everest.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

This is another massive peak in Nepal. This one of the holiest peak. Not much climbed. After reaching the base of This Peak one can feel the massiveness of this peak. This is one of the toughest trek.



Kinnaur Kailash Trek

This is considered as Mini Kailash. This trek moves around Kinnaur vally. Its very nice trek. If considered as alternative PARIKRAMA of Mt. Kailsh.

Manimahesh Trekking Expedition

Mani Mahesh is a very beautiful trek of Himachal Pradesh. This trek gains an altitude of 11,800ft. This is situated near Manimahesh Kailash Peak in Pir Panjal Range of Himalaya. Each year here Manimahesh Yatra is held. Its very holy place. It is considered that Lord Shiva Resides here.

Hampta Pass Trek

This is consider as beginners as well as experienced trekkers paradise. This treks thru vast land, rock formation. This is very short and very beautiful trek. This trek is near Chandratal Lake. This is situated at an altitude of 14,100ft.

Pin Parvati Trek

This is another massive peak in Nepal. This one of the holiest peak. Not much climbed. After reaching the base of This Peak one can feel the massiveness of this peak. This is one of the toughest trek.

TREKKING IN Uttarakhand


Pindari Kafni Glacier Trek

This is one of the very beautiful trek of Uttarakhand. This trek is near to Melam Glacier. This trek offers very scanic beauty of the vally. This is considered as trek for beginners.

Vally Of Flowers Trek

This is most trusted, most loved treks in whole of india. This trek give best look of cherry blowseem of flowers in the vally. We hardly get a person who dont know this trek. On the way to this trek is holiest place of Guru Goivind Singh Saheb.

Roopkund Trek

Popularly known as the ‘Skeleton Lake’, Roopkund Lake is extremely popular for the mystery connected to it. Lying at an altitude of 14638 feet, the lake and its surrounded are sprinkled with thousands of human bones and skeletons. It is said they are the skeletal remains of a group of travelers who got caught in a natural disaster that happened in the 14th century.

Panch Kedar Trek

Covering 5 shrines of Lord Shiva in the captivating Kedar valley, Panch Kesar trek offers a memorable experience, away from the chaos of the city life. Ideal for both novice as well as expert trekking enthusiasts, it a wonderful mix of serenity and beautiful scenic charm.



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Sharing their view about Saad


Hello to all SAAD Members. I would like to give best wishes from bottom of my heart to SAAD Mountaineers for completion of 30year in the field of mountaineering. I pray to god for reaching SAAD mountaineers to greater heights in future. I am working with SAAD since last 18 years. I would like to give best wishes to Rajan Deshmukh , Prema Madam and other members for putting their great efforts achieve such success. Now SAAD Mountaineers has become like a family for me. I came to Mumbai in 2008, during that time I got chance to go to Pune, Mumbai, Andaman Nicobar Islands along with SAAD. I have also worked with them during their expeditions and treks in Himalaya. I like their way of working. They are very perfect  and professional in they work. Again i would like to give best wishes to SAAD Mountaineering and looking forward to work more with them.

Mahavir Rana

It gives me immense pleasure in congratulating everyone is SAAD Mountaineers on successful completion 31 glorious years in field of trekking & Mountaineering. It is very heartening to learn that members passionate about mountaineering and also continue with sustained efforts in imparting training and knowledge to the younger generation. It benefits people not only in Mumbai but in entire Maharashtra and Himalayas. I am sanguine that your club would continue to do the good work that u are doing. I wish you all the very best for future

Col. H. S. Chauhan, President
Indian Mountaineering Foundation